Studio 203: Drawing Fashion and Past Drawing Classes

Just bringing an update about our drawing classes! The past few weeks we've focused on still life, forms and now composition. It's really coming together! Here is an image from one of our students who has worked through every class, improving each time. 

Changing from simple still life this time, we are going to draw some drapery, taking our inspiration from today's Fashion! Because it's FASHION WEEK!!! in Ruston! We are so happy to be apart of this exciting time in Ruston, so much so that we want you to participate. 

For $30 you will receive paper and pencil for 2 hours and the ability to learn a bit about the foundations of drawing. We hope to inspire young artists to grow and possibly seek a career in the fashion design world. 

We hope you come to "make it work!" 

Photo Credit: Martin Meyers. 

Photo Credit: Martin Meyers.