GALLERY 203: Expressions of Place

Albino Hinojosa is currently featured in our gallery, but we'd like to call attention to the book in which he is included. Expressions of Place: The Contemporary Louisiana Landscape is a collection of art works by thirty-seven different artists who explore the urban and rural spaces of the state. Some of the artists are represented locally, where as others have been included in major private and public collections. Hinojosa is one of the later examples, having shown in numerous museums such as the Museum of American Illustration in New York City. Each artist in this book expresses their view of the land with styles that range from traditional representation to they symbolic and abstract. The artist's depict their region of the same place: Louisiana. Hinojosa focuses on the north central piney hills and fields of the state, while other artists in the book show the gritty streets of inner city New Orleans. Whilst a vast contrast between the two landscapes, they make up this place we call home. 

Expressions of Place is not a catalog or history of the visual arts in Louisiana, instead with it's introductory essay it places these contemporary artists in context to an earlier time. The artists speak to the readers, giving a point of view as to what they paint, where they paint and what has drawn them to this landscape. Not only is it about the artist's imaginations, it's about the land itself. With each painting, they have created visual poetry and sonnets to the land and the environment that have become so much a part of their lives. -- Adapted from the description of Expressions of Place, by John R. Kemp, published by the University Press of Mississippi. 

About the Author: 

John R. Kemp, the former deputy director of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, has written hundreds of articles about Louisiana and Southern artists for numerous regional, national and international magazines, including ARTnews (New Orleans Correspondent), American Artist, Arts & Antiques, The Artist’s Magazine, New Orleans Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, Country Roads and Louisiana Life. The New Orleans native covers the New Orleans art scene for WYES Public Television’s weekly show, Steppin’ Out. He also has written, edited and contributed chapters to seventeen books about Louisiana art and history. Expressions of Place: The Contemporary Louisiana Landscape is his most recent book.

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