Meet Our Team

It's almost September 2016, many exciting changes are happening in our business. It is our pleasure to introduce our team to you. 

The very first member we are proud to introduce is Liz Zanca. Liz joined the team in April 2016. She began working with us as an assistant and has since transitioned into role of lead frame consultant and gallery director. We asked Liz some questions about work and life. 

Q: How did you get started with The Frame of Mind? 

Well, I met Kit and Robert through my interview process. My husband had been in the shop before and I knew very little about it, except that it had a gallery. April was a strangely quick moment of transition for me. We started renting from Gilbert Realty (Kit's old company), and then I began working here. I jumped in and just learned everything I could: our web presence, sales, marketing, gallery practices. By July I figured out how to join the Chamber of Commerce and start getting involved with the city's downtown events and I got involved at NCLAC. 

Q: Great, What are you looking forward to doing in the future in capacity to the frame company and gallery? 

We have some shows coming up, and I'm excited to say I will begin managing Kit's other gallery, Studio 301 and helping her out with those aspects. But at The Frame of Mind, I'm working on introducing systems that will help us in sales, a rewards program and continued marketing with the shop. Without being too technical, I'm excited to be a part of Ruston's downtown district where we can grow not just our business, but the entire downtown. Our presence as an art gallery is really important to the art community here. One goal I have is getting a hold of our college age crowd, who usually don't roam downtown very often. I know the city is interested in bringing them downtown more with events such as Dog Days of Summer, and I'd like to continue that effort with our artist receptions. I think that comes from being just out of college myself. 

Q: What's the most difficult part of the job?

Probably the part I struggle the most with myself and other artists is procrastination. It seems to be a common trait among artists, and my bosses can't stand procrastination. So far, I'd say I'm not as some, however, it's a struggle. Or maybe just learning to prioritize what gets done one day versus another takes some time to learn. Artists can be the worst at waiting until the last moment to do a task. 

Q: What's the most rewarding part of the job? 

I love talking art with people. I love talking to people most days, but it's even better if I get to talk about art. Getting to know artists is a great benefit. I enjoy asking customers about their prized possessions they want framed. Each day it's knowing someone has something beautiful to hang on their wall or put on their desk. That makes my day to see a customer so happy. 

Q: Tell us something about your personal life.

I'm married to Chris Zanca, he's a math teacher, but his degree is in Physics. We both really enjoy those small moments where we get to tell each other about our day, he usually makes me laugh. We want a dog, but don't have one yet because we're renting. At home I have a huge studio, well huge for me. It's a sun room off the back of the house. I paint in the mornings and evenings I'm off. (I also work weekends and some evenings at Painting with a Twist in Monroe.) I'm also trying to read some books about gallery work and marketing. So I think I keep myself pretty busy with all that. But that's about it about me, thanks for having me. 

Thanks, Liz. We'll talk to owners Robert and Kit next time.