Featured Artist: Mashall Smith

Today we interviewed Mashall Smith, of Pint Sized Printers. Mashall (sounds like Michelle) is a junior Graphic Design major at Louisiana Tech and does her own screen printing. Both her sister and her will be on our featured wall for the month of September. We cannot wait to show you their beautiful creative wall!

Her own brand of shirts are always hand printed by Mashall. 

Her own brand of shirts are always hand printed by Mashall. 

LZ: What does being "creative" mean to you? 

MS:Being creative to me means trying new things even if I may not know quite what the out come may be. Let it be trying a new medium and not knowing what creation will come from it or even trying out new, weird idea that others may think are unorthodox! Being creative is taking a chance on your imagination and knowing that whatever you end up with came from somewhere deep down in your soul!

LZ: Do you have any patterns or rituals you use to get making? 

MS: Depending on what I want my work to say, I usually doodle down some objects or words that come to mind when I think of my topic. Then I usually go back and ink some of my ideas that I like with some of my favorite pens. After inking, I then go back and scan in my drawings and edit them in illustrator. I mainly like to work digitally because I can change anything I don't like or ever try out different colors before screen printing them!

LZ: Describe a project that failed that you learned from. 

MS: My freshmen year I was taking a design class and we were learning about making art with another material, cardboard. The assignment was to make a costume with nothing but cardboard and it had to be a whimsical costume as well. So I of course love to do things on a grand scale and decided to make a larger than life size Polaroid monster camera! I was very excited about it but was very confused on how to construct it. So at first i just started piecing the thing together which took an incredibly long time! And I was trying all these different things to figure out how to make if fun and detailed but still couldn't think of an easier way to do it. It was not working and I became frustrated with the project and almost decided to do something entirely different. But I had worked so hard in creating this life size camera I didn't want to throw it away! Then it dawned on me to just create each side like a cube and then glue the sides together...It took me along time to figure out the construction of it and what was the simplest way to do it! I would say that this project really taught me to take a step back and think of the simplest way possible to saving problems, not the most complicated!

LZ: Oh you've gotta check out the video of this monster Polaroid! It's at the bottom of the page. I don't think you failed at all. Share what you're most proud of as a creative person. 

MS: I'm most proud of creating things that reflect who I am as an artist, not what others want to see on the wall but what I want to see! I mainly create weird things that make people uncomfortable so I hear that "Eww thats weird!" Or " Oh, that's interesting." But I find that as a compliment because if i'm not creating things that spark no emotion i'm not creating art at all. I love all the weird things that I produce. It really is a direct reflection of the person I am inside. And i'm okay with being weird on the inside as long as i'm a good person on the outside! So I would say i'm most proud of being a weird artist!

We definitely think weird is good here at Gallery 203, and are so excited to have you as one of our featured artists!