On exhibition is a collection of landscapes and still lifes by Albino Hinojosa. With a traditional approach to memory, his work conjures feelings of home. The American homeland whether it be the northern plains, eastern mountains or southern flat lands share a vintage charm that lives in the rural landscape. Transcending specifics, Hinojosa inviting the viewer to bring their own thought to the work. 

"Albino Hinojosa, acclaimed as a realist of the 21st century, has devoted himself to reviving the world of realism in the current art movement. His work reflects the artistic roots of his past training and years of professional experience. The works illustrated here explore the diverse brush technique and design that is uniquely his. He takes pride in representing his approach to painting by showing its physical make up. He wants his brush strokes to show in order that the painting looks like a painting, not a photograph. 
Because he was born and grew up in a depressed rural environment, in East Texas, his subjects often reflect that past upbringing. In the final stages of a painting, Hinojosa most enjoys giving it that minute attention to detail that you will find in each of his works. He begins with a strong attention to design usually employing the Gold Mean Proportion design theory. His early schooling always stressed that composition was one of the most important elements of a successful painting.   Hinojosa has had over 16 solo exhibitions and competes in juried exhibitions nationwide on a regular basis. Since his retirement in 2000, Hinojosa has enjoyed numerous awards for his work throughout the US and has work hanging in numerous museums: including the Louisiana State University Art Library in Alexandria, LA, the Museum of American Illustration in New York City, NY and most recently the Pearce Museum of Western Art in Corsicana, TX."


 Reception: December 2nd, 2016, 5-9 PM

November 1st- January 6th, 2016